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At Inspired Eyes, we understand that vision is a pivotal part of seeing an inspired life.
We aim to optimize eye and overall wellness by being focused on family, embracing
innovation and technology and paying it forward in our communities. Our eye exams
are designed to detect any eye diseases and identify any vision abnormalities. We
also have a large selection of contact lenses and frames for you to choose from, with
styles, brands and colors to suit every face and preference.

Inspired Eyes is proud to serve the residents of Minster, Fort Loramie, and New
Bremen Ohio as well as surrounding areas.

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Dr Eilerman

Dr. Amanda Eilerman

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Dr. Lauren Grillot


Eye exams are different throughout the stages of life and our doctors are comfortable managing the eyes of tiny infants to the eyes with advanced end of life disease and everything in-between. Childhood amblyopia, dry eye, myopia management, contact lenses, and disease prevention, detection and treatment are all areas that can be treated with us, close to home.


Every aspect of our office is focused on 4 core values

Our communities are made up of family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers and we strive to always treat everyone who walks through our door as a member of our family.


Our eye exams are much more than the traditional "Better 1 and 2". We take a "whole body" approach to keeping your vision and eyes healthy for not only this year, but for many years to come.


Your eye exam will use cutting edge technology and incorporate the latest research to ensure your oculare and visual health

As life-long members of the communities, we have benefited from so many others' time and support and look to give back in the same way we've been supported for so many years.

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Our Designer Frames

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